Director general of “Kusum Pharm” LLC was awarded Third Class Order of Merit
July 10, 2013

The president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich by his Decree has awarded Third Class Order of Merit to the Director General of “Kusum Pharm” LLC Mr. Rajeev Gupta, highly praising his personal contribution to the development of Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry. On the 28th of June, an official awarding ceremony took place where the Governor of Sumy region Yuriuy Chmyr solemnly presented the Order to Mr. Rajeev Gupta. Mr. Rajeev became the first Indian in the history of Ukraine to be awarded the distinguished title of Chevalier of the Third Class Order of Merit.
Mr. Rajeev Gupta is working in the pharmaceutical market since far 1997, when he set up a distribution company “Gladpharm LTD”, which soon became one of the main drug suppliers from the leading Indian pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine. In 2005, Mr. Rajeev decided to build two plants in Ukraine and India. “Kusum Healthcare PVT.LTD.” was started up in 2007 in India, and in 2009 the plant “Kusum Pharm” was started up in Sumy, Ukraine. Both plants are fitted out with modern equipment and provide a full cycle of drug production. In 2012 the plants successfully passed the procedure of re-inspection for compliance with EU GMP regulations and PIC/S rules. The plant “Kusum Pharm” is one of the most advanced pharmaceutical plants in Ukraine and produces cardiological, gastroenterological, pediatric and anti-diabetic drugs. In the first place, the plant tries to bring to market those medicinal products which are absent in Ukraine or presented only by imported analogues. Having spent in Ukraine more than a quarter if a century, Mr. Rajeev openly states that Ukraine has become a second home for him, and therefore the slogan of the plant “Kusum Pharm” is “In Ukraine – for the Ukrainians!”.