We are a group of companies employing more than two thousand highly qualified professionals in Ukraine, India, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Myanmar, Mexico and Kenya. Kusum Group of Companies includes four modern factories: three in India and one in Ukraine, as well as two own research centres. More than 100 brands are successfully used in gynaecology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, gastroenterology and many other areas.


Our mission is healthy and happy life for everyone. At Kusum, we dream of people all over the world living without suffering and physical pain. We have a clear goal – to provide access for absolutely everyone to the best medicines that enable people to live longer and maintain healthier and more active lifestyles. And in order to achieve it, our company is constantly striving to significantly expand the geography of its presence in the global pharmaceutical market.


The values of Kusum are a healthy and happy life of people, responsible employees, ethics and honesty, openness and trust. They are at the heart of the company’s culture and determine all the actions of our employees. Each of these values helps us collectively achieve great results.

At Kusum we value personal responsibility, teamwork and mutual respect, result orientation, continuous improvement, optimism, focus on achieving results and openness to everything new. Each member of the team is aware of their importance and understands that working in the healthcare sector, bears a huge responsibility for the health and lives of people.


Since its incorporation, Kusum has continuously worked to improve the quality level at every stage of production, as well as to expand access to our products around the world. We aim to be a highly profitable and fast growing company with a strong position in the global pharmaceutical market.

A happy and healthy life for people is the highest reward for our efforts. Therefore, we continually invest in research and development to create new medical solutions that drive progress in the treatment of disease.