Contest of children’s drawings
October 17, 2014

From June 16, 2014 till August 31, 2014, the creative contest of drawings was held for the children of the employees of KUSUM group of companies in Ukraine. Children were suggested two topics:

  1. «Happy future of Ukraine»;
  2. «Wonderful world of animals».

There were no age limits for the participants. We accepted drawings from the smallest and the oldest children. The contest caught the interest of many children, and 67 participants sent 105 works. Jury had a difficult job choosing the best drawings. The works of all the participants are notable for originality and richness therefore it was hard to choose the best ones. AsforcreativeapproachandselfexpressioneachparticipantwasuniqueBy the way, the youngest participant was only 2 years 10 months old!

All the participants received recognition prizes (toys, books, etc.). The winners got superprizes.

The works of all winners were used in the corporate calendar for 2015 year. You can see them at our photo gallery.