Government reforms for the future
November 23, 2016

On November 22, 2016 representatives of “Kusum” group of companies took part in a government meeting on the introduction of drugs price control and the reimbursement of their costs.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that from the first days of work the government has identified its priority as solving the problem of medicines affordability in Ukraine and improving their quality. “I will do everything possible and impossible to establish fair pricing for drugs in Ukraine, to have the appropriate quality, to purchase medicines at fair and competitive prices, to deliver these drugs to hospitals timely. All government structures will be aimed to achieve this goal”, said Vladimir Groisman.

The head of the government called the pharmaceutical companies for the partner dialogue “in which people, personally Ukrainian citizens, will feel these changes in their own life, their own wallet, that they will need at least to spend less. It is our common task”, he stressed.

 “We are ready to support effective initiatives of the government of Ukraine, especially if the goal is to care for the health and future of our citizens. Using the global experience, knowledge and technologies in the field of medicine, our company strives to meet the needs of patients in Ukraine by offering high-quality effective, but above all affordable medicines. In the near future, due to the increase of investments, we plan to organize in Ukraine the production of other 50 names of drugs that were previously imported into our country. Everything we do we do it for patients”, said General Director of “Kusum” group of companiesRajeev Gupta.