Social project from Kusum on television
April 6, 2020

Dear colleagues!

Life and health are the highest values ​​of every person and Kusum Group of Companies. And by this we are obliged to doctors and pharmacists who, without sparing themselves, confidently and professionally do what what they do best – they take care of our healthy life.

We bow low to the professionalism of doctors and pharmacists and express our deep appreciation for their dedicated work and devotion. It is for this that Kusum developed a multistage social program, which has been successfully implemented for several weeks in Ukraine. You can find information about the first steps at the link
https://kusum.ua/news / kusum-aktyvno-dopomagaye-u-borotbi-z-pandemiyeyu-koronavirusu /

Kusum, as a pharmaceutical company, pays attention to the public on the importance and significance of the work of doctors and pharmacists and strongly supports
them. From today, the next stage of a socially significant project from Kusum has started – TV media campaign.

To the attention of all Ukrainians, Kusum’s social videos on central television channels of Ukraine, as well as on our official Youtube channel on links have started:

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!
Together we will overcome the virus!
Don’t get sick!