20-year transformation of the pharmaceutical market: memories of Rajeev Gupta
August 6, 2015

Our history in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine began in 1994 as a distribution company. Later, we started manufacturing and marketing our own products.

Over the past 20 years major changes have occurred in the pharmaceutical market. Namely, change of market structure, change of manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies. We all started at the same time, and no one knew that some companies will today be the giants and enter the top 20 in its direction. This is normal, this is the evolution of the pharmaceutical market.

The regulation of the pharmaceutical market, of course, has changed for the better. And it pleases. The worst thing that I have noticed is the presence of misconception that there are fake medicines in Ukraine. My opinion as a professional is that today in Ukraine there are no fake medicines in pharmacies. And this is the result of regulatory authorities work in our country. Despite the criticism of the work of government we have achieved the availability of quality product in pharmacies. This was also induced by the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

We take these regulations very positively. The more stringent is the regulatory impact, the more benefit has the patient. I do not want to name specific countries but health problems arise when the state is not very serious about drug manufacturing, distribution and retail segment of the market. It may be that the company makes a very good product which is then stored in inappropriate conditions in a pharmacy. In Ukraine, fortunately, this is long gone.

For many years Ukraine created a system of registration and quality control of drugs which today can be considered one of the best in the CIS. We do have competent professionals in these areas who need decent wages.

In today’s situation, of course, the domestic manufacturers won. And not because of government support but thanks to the flexibility and resilience to changes in the market. The presence of heads of companies in Ukraine makes it possible to react quickly, make decisions and move on.

As for competition in the market of domestic and foreign manufacturers of medical products, today it has declined. Interest in the market of Ukraine is reduced, marginality of business recedes. It should be noted that recent developments in the pharmaceutical market contributed to the consolidation of efforts of foreign and domestic companies for the construction of transparent government representatives’ work.

I think that today the pharmaceutical market needs ease. We do not expect assistance from the state. We shall not stop. We believe only in ourselves and our employees. This is my principle, and it works.

Speaking about the future of the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine, we can assume that the advantage will belong to domestic manufacturers who have the appropriate capacity, ability and opportunity. Unfortunately, the original drugs will not have a great future in the next 5–10 years.

On the positive, today in Ukraine the right knowledge is given in pharmaceutical universities, modern plants are functioning and producing high-quality medicines, quality control system is at the high level.

Finally, using the opportunity I would like to congratulate the team of “APTEKA Weekly” led by Igor Kryachko with the publication of the 1000th jubilee issue! This is a great event. Despite the crisis that befell Ukraine, “APTEKA Weekly” continues to please its readers with up-to-date information about the state of the pharmaceutical market, while many periodicals had to leave the market.

I remember that we were an advertiser in one of the very first issues of “APTEKA Weekly” back in 1995, and to this day keep warm partnership.

Along with this project, the “MORION” company provides a wide range of services that contribute to the unification of all pharmaceutical industry participants. So I wish You further development and release of new useful product portfolio!