Ethics and Compliance
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Kusum strives to conduct its business in an honest and transparent manner, and sets standards for ethical behaviour and adherence to anti-corruption norms to ensure that businesses comply with ethical requirements and anti-corruption laws of Ukraine. For this, the relevant documents have been developed.

Among them there are the Corporate Culture Code and the Anti-Corruption Program. These corporate documents are a manifestation of Kusum’s enduring position of zero tolerance for all forms of corruption and unethical behaviour in all business and social spheres.

Ethical standards and anti-corruption requirements apply to all Kusum employees, and each employee is responsible for non-compliance thereof.
Kusum, in relations with partners and authorities, uses the principles of decency and legality, carries out its activities on the basis of transparency and openness, and does everything possible to take the necessary and reasonable measures to prevent and combat corruption. The implementation of the Anti-Corruption Program and the Corporate Culture Code is one such measure.